General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing (Miscellaneous)

Establishments manufacturing general purpose machinery (except ventilating, heating, air-conditioning, and commercial refrigeration equipment; metalworking machinery; engines, turbines, and power transmission equipment; pumps and compressors; material handling equipment; power-driven handtools; welding and soldering equipment; packaging machinery; industrial process furnaces and ovens; fluid power cylinders and actuators; fluid power pumps and motors; and scales and balances). Illustrative Examples: Automatic fire sprinkler systems manufacturing Baling machinery (e.g., paper, scrap metal) manufacturing Bridge and gate lifting machinery manufacturing Centrifuges, industrial and laboratory-type, manufacturing Cremating ovens manufacturing General purpose-type sieves and screening equipment manufacturing Hydraulic and pneumatic jacks manufacturing Industrial and general purpose-type filters (except internal combustion engine, warm air furnace) manufacturing

Scales, balances, and miscellaneous general purpose machinery manufacturing

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5yr change: +3979%

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5yr change: +24%

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